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Coordinate Grid Battleship (+) project planning 2/2

I'm using the official Battleship rules as a guide for my game (which i ~have definitely~ started making)

General Info

quiet activity

Computers: 2

Players: 2 - 4


CC Standard:


Game Objective: Be the first to hit all of your classmate's boats


In battleship there are five types of ships

1x 5 long

1x 4 long

2x 3 long

1x 2 long

Dock has five chests for the five types of ship. each chest will be one set of boats, each set is a different type of wood. students can place boats horizontally and vertically, no diagonal boats. each type needs to be in a line.


students use the chat feature to name their guess at a boat location. should be said in point form - use the chat feature to attack.

play with command blocks, npcs, agent to input the point? i'd really like to do that... make it so that when students input a point (correctly, hopefully) then a fire charge (or similar) is fired at that point of the opposite player, would be a cool way to be immediate.

if it's a hit - students can say so... hit a button? another command thingy?


students use the vertical wall to track the attacks they have made - another command block?

tracking ships - redstone torch over a boat? w/ the type of boat?


Salvo - didn't know about this game. students do 5 attacks at a time - 1 per type of boat you have on the water. once there are 4 types, 1 type is gone, attacks go down to 4 at a time, etc.

Next Steps

  1. make the x2 ocean boards and x2 vertical boards

  2. make the docks with all the chests and extra room

  3. fit the world boarder

  4. create a wall between the two boards with a door between so students can check each other's board at the end of the game

  5. figure out boats

  6. instructions for no automation

  7. paper versions/add ons

  8. look into automation

to do next: create 1 ocean board that has 10x10 spaces

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