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Coordinate Grid Battleship (positive only) project planning 1/2

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Idea: create a world where there are two players who play battleship against each other in quadrant I (positive x and positive y) of the Cartesian plane

3 sketches as the idea solidified below

aside - i think it's funny that sketch 1 has a shadow that looks like a bunny and sketch 2 has an obvious phone and hand shadow. also kinda annoyed at myself that i mixed up the x-axis and y-axis in sketch 2. but i am PROUD of the tilt of the bottom square/grid in sketch 3 - GO. ME.

Build: x2 of

- quad I on wall (track offense)

- quad I on floor (place boats and track defense)

- dock w/ chests of boats/blocks

- x and y axis are black

- use glass as "lines"? separates water - boats in water

- banners for labels? more possible cause of the glass maybe?

- command block/weird robot/other input for placing points? can always have students speak to each other... want students write (difference of x and y in the point) and plot points

- output @ boats from player as fire charge/fire arrow? if hit - boats gets fire, if not - no fire

- two person door for accountability - check each other's board


- limit world border

- command blocks -> robots -> other input

- two person door


- paper worksheet :/

- good instructions w/ video

- the common core standards... boo :'(

Extension Ideas:

- expand from quad I to the full coordinate plane

- transformations of points using grumbot

- draw pic on grid and check w/ button - glass points to show redstone lamps?

- draw lines on grid and check ^

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